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Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching and mentoring is increasingly being seen as an essential skill for managers and leaders. It is a powerful method for developing people to achieve outcomes and build their capacity to take on responsibility, problem solve and be more accountable. Used effectively, coaching can achieve great results with staff and for the organisation.

Learning outcomes & content 

The process of coaching is about developing people through goal focused conversations that involve exploring, facilitating and collaborating with individuals.

This course will cover:

• The difference between managing, coaching and mentoring and when to use them to best effect

• What the research shows about the effectiveness of coaching for getting the best out of people.

• How coaching can be used appropriately in the workplace - for volunteers and employees.

• Creating a coaching plan and setting goals.

• The difference between performance and process coaching.

• Core skills of effective mentoring and coaching: building rapport, different levels of listening, powerful questioning.

• How to coach people with just 15 minutes a day.

• Using coaching to give feedback and to challenge effectively. Who should attend?

Who should attend? 

This course is for anyone in a role that is focused on achieving outcomes and building the capacity of people including CEO’s, Board Chairpersons, managers, coordinators and team leaders.

Your presenter: 

Grace Minton has been a professional executive and personal coach for over 10 years. She currently delivers a qualification at a Diploma and University Masters level in professional coaching, which is also recognised by the International Coaching Federation.

Presenter: Grace Minton
Date: 6 June 2017
Time: 9:30 am- 4:30 pm
Venue: Training Room, National Disability Services
12 Lindsay Street, Perth WA 6000
Cost Member: $215.00
Cost Non-Member: $295.00
Contact: National Disability Services WA
 Ph (08) 9208 9876

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