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Sector Training Activities

Self Care and Professional Relationships (session 1)

Self Care and Professional Relationships (session 1)

Looking for tools and tips to handle the pressures and dynamics of work, clients and the rest of your life?

How about techniques to stay vital and maintain great relationships in the workplace?

Working in the disability sector is rewarding, yet it can present some unique challenges both professionally and emotionally.  Maintaining yourself is the key to providing the best care and service to the clients and communities we work with.

This session will review ways professional relationships may be breached, the impact on clients, colleagues and the organisation and techniques and tools to recognise and avoid these situations.

This half day workshop will provide you with tools to assist you to reflect and refresh your approach to self-care and professional relationships, including;

·         Building a platform from which to have honest conversations about self-care and well-being;

  • Recognising situations pressures or personal vulnerabilities that lead to relationships becoming stressed;
  • The importance of work life balance for our personal lives, career and the sector;
  • Identifying where the real drain in our energy comes from in our day;
  • Developing conscious presence to stop work spinning out of control; and
  • How to create a self-care plan to build resilience and vitality in your day.

    Who Should Attend

    Frontline staff and managers.

    Your presenter: 

    Joel Levin (session 1)

    Joel Levin is the founder and Managing Director at Aha! Consulting and has over 20 years experience working across Australia in a broad range of sectors.

    His organisational, engagement and facilitation skills stem from a background in counselling, training, community work and senior management.

Presenter: Joel Levin, Managing Director, Aha
Date: 2 November 2016
Time: 9:30 am-12:30 pm
Venue: Training Room, National Disability Services
12 Lindsay Street, Perth WA 6000
Cost Member: $120.00
Cost Non-Member: $200.00
Contact: National Disability Services WA
 Ph (08) 9208 9876

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